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2021: A look back so far!

Hey cosmic cuties! As we’re inching closer and closer into summer (YAY!), I’ve been thinking about all the exciting things that have been happening this year for The Clay Drop and feeling so proud of my little business and thankful for all of you behind me! I thought we’d have a whizz through of all the fun things that have gone on so far in 2021…



January was a BIG month! The start of a new year and lotsss of anticipation for the months ahead!! With not much else going in our lives (lockdown, ugh), many of us started to get excited for Valentine’s Day and I very quickly got to work on designing the Flirty Collection. It was midway through the month when I posted a video of my Flirty Cows to TikTok and Instagram and overnight those pink little cows went viral! I went from 80 TikTok followers to over 10K overnight and on Instagram soared to 20K! The power of social media. It was overwhelming but amazing.


Then came the release of the Flirty Collection. The hype for this collection was unreal! The collection dropped at 9pm on January 23rd and I was in shock when I noticed on the live view of my shop that there were 800 people there, all looking at my earrings! That was such a surreal moment, and even more surreal when the collection sold out within 4 minutes!




Quickly February came around. I had a brief break for a few days before getting back to work on a highly requested restock of the Flirty Collection. In the few days that I’d spent away from clay I relaxed into some digital illustration and that was when I came up with my very first print: the Cosmic Cow print. Loads of you went wild for it on Instagram, so I put it up on my shop straight away and sooo many of you Cosmic Cow lovers snapped on up! So then I decided to release my second print, the Change of Heart print, and of course I had to design some Cosmic Cow stickers too!

The Feb fun doesn’t stop there. Amy from GOSH Girl and I decided to collaborate on a super special project together! On Tuesday 23rd we released our collaborative Cosmic Cow bags and satin scarves for preorder. Sales for the bags reached capacity within an hour of launch, which is so amazing! We then relaunched the bags for a second release on 27th Feb because they were so popular!



March was a busy month as I prepped for the second release of the Flirty Collection on March 13th. Again, those lil cows and aliens sold out in a flash! Absolutely stunning support once again. I couldn’t be more grateful!

In March I also released my first Cosmic Cow pins and keyrings!



Finally we’re into April and as I’m writing this I’m currently working on a whole new collection using the tubs and tubs of scrap clay that I’ve accumulated over the months! If you didn’t know, each time I make an earring there are always offcuts left over and instead of throwing these pieces of clay away, I save them in tubs to be used later on to reduce waste. From these scraps I’ve mixed some seriously gorgeous colours! Lots of muted greens, peaches and purples. I’ve really enjoyed working on this collection because it’s given me an opportunity to experiment with completely new shapes, designs, colours and textures and the freedom to make whatever comes to mind has given me sooo much new creative energy! 

Also this month, GOSH Girl and I had our third and final release of our collaborative bags and scarves. It was such an honour to work with Amy on this collab and she did such a brilliant job of bringing my Cosmic Cow print to life with these gorgeous pieces! Make sure you check out @g.o.s.h.girl on Instagram for what they're up to next!

In April I’ve also been working on some entirely new products including a new print and a couple of other exciting things that are yet to be revealed (look out for that!). I’m currently working hard to get the collection finished and will have a drop date confirmed very soon for you!


So that’s 2021 so far! Lots of exciting things have happened and much more to come! Thank you for reading this, for engaging with my content on social media and for being such a huge driving force for me! I hope you’re happy and healthy and doing well in this wild world! Keep shining!



Jess x

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