About The Clay Drop

 A photo of Jess smiling at the camera. She has pink hair that flicks out at the sides and is wearing pink cow earrings

Hello! I’m Jess. I'm the designer, maker and pink boss lady behind The Clay Drop. Thank you for being here! 🤠

So you want to know about me and The Clay Drop!

I first picked up polymer clay in December 2019 and straight away began documenting my wonky, lumpy, bumpy experiments for my own amusement on Instagram.

Over the next few months, realising how much I’d fallen in love with making earrings, I spent many, many (and many more!!) hours refining my craft, until finally in May 2020 I launched my shop officially!

Since then I’ve branched out into prints, acrylic and enamel accessories, tees and totes, croc charms and more. I’ve also had the opportunity to collaborate with amazing brands including Glisten Cosmetics, GOSHgirl and SunPuff.

The Clay Drop has evolved into ever-changing colourful collections of playful earrings, accessories and art, bringing colour and a whole load of dopamine to everyone who stops by 🧚✨

Here's where you can find The Clay Drop (and me):