Pledge to the Planet

All earrings on this shop are handmade using polymer clay. Polymer clay is a PVC-based product, so although shopping from my small business is far more sustainable and ethical than buying fast fashion, polymer clay in itself cannot be considered sustainable. Therefore it is incredibly important to me to use it responsibly and to implement other sustainable practises in my business in order to minimise my impact on the planet as much as I possibly can. Here are some ways in which I strive to uphold eco-conscious practises within my business:


  • My postal boxes are made from recycled materials and are reusable and recyclable. They have an eco score of 4 out of 5.
  • I use brown paper tape to secure boxes shut - never plastic tape here!
  • My packaging is single-use plastic free. I use shredded tissue paper to protect the earrings inside rather than bubble wrap.
  • I use lovely acid-free tissue paper which can be reused in any way you choose! Stash it away and it'll be perfect for wrapping little prezzies later on.
  • Each earring post is protected with a packing chip that I have reused from the packaging in my own purchases. 
  • My thank you/care guide slips double up as free pieces of artwork designed by either myself or independent artists, encouraging my consumers to keep and display them rather than throw them away.
  • All packaging is sourced within the UK from reputable suppliers.

Manufacturing Processes

I also take steps to ensure my manufacturing processes are as sustainable as possible. The earrings in my collections are carefully and lovingly made to hopefully last you for many years. Here are some of the ways I try to minimise my environmental impact while making my earrings:

  • I cure larger batches at once rather than little and often to conserve electricity.
  • No clay ever goes to waste and I always keep offcuts and scraps aside in tubs to be reused later on.
  • All materials are sourced within the UK from small businesses where possible.

Some polymer clay brands may not be considered vegan. Do get in contact if you would like to know exactly which brands of polymer clay I am using so you can make your own informed decision before buying. <3

Sustainability is at the forefront of my mind and I'm always open to discussion, so feel free to have a chat with me if you have any suggestions!

Jess x