PLEASE NOTE: Due to new tax regulations, customers in the EU may be charged VAT and/or duties upon arrival
PLEASE NOTE: Due to new tax regulations, customers in the EU may be charged VAT and/or duties upon arrival
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Pre-Drop FAQ

Do you ship to my country?

Yes! I ship worldwide! More info can be found here.

I really want this, but worried it will sell out super fast. Any tips for being quick?

Set an alarm on your phone for 5 minutes before the drop so you're ready and prepared! Decide ahead of time what you plan to grab so you can get straight in there and get it in your basket and to checkout. Have your payment details ready and if possible use a payment method (such as PayPal or Apple Pay) that has your shipping details pre-saved so you don't have to spend time typing your details in. Creating an account on the shop also helps to speed up checkout as you'll be able to save your shipping address! If you pay using Shop Pay, you will be able to save your payment details so that next time you shop you're able to checkout even faster!

Once something is in my basket, is it saved or can someone else still buy it?

No, sorry! Items are not reserved when they're in your basket. You must complete checkout to secure your order.

Do you do clip-ons?

I can change any earrings that are on hooks to clip-ons! Just leave a message at checkout or email me afterwards ( and I'll switch them for you.

I want your earrings but I have stretched earlobes and can't wear hooks :(

I can change the hooks to leverback hoops for you! These are much better for people with stretched earlobes as they won't fall out. Just leave me a message at checkout or email me after purchase ( and I'll make sure to change them for you.

Will the earrings be coming back in future?

This is a hard question to answer because I'd love to say yes, 100%, but I constantly have so many ideas swimming around in my head and I want to make new things as well... But ultimately I want to make what you want, so I try to do a bit of both! If there's a piece that is super popular and lots of people want it restocked then I would love to!

Is ___ dropping?

If you're unsure about what's dropping, I always suggest looking at the recent posts on my Instagram and check the captions as usually I'll mention in my posts if the item is coming to the next drop. I usually also have a highlight reel on my Instagram with more info on what's dropping.

Are your earrings heavy or lightweight?

They're super duper lightweight! Polymer clay is a very lightweight material and my earrings don't drag on the ears at all. A pair averages at about 6 grams. 

Is polymer clay fragile?

Due to its flexible properties, polymer clay is actually a very durable material and your earrings should last a very long time if cared for correctly! That being said please do care for them well! If they're chucked in your handbag or shoved in a drawer then it's possible that they'll break. 

I have sensitive ears. What metal do you use for your earrings?

I use hypoallergenic hooks and studs (either silver-plated or stainless steel). Exact metals are always detailed in the description of an item, or if you want to know beforehand, just drop me a message on Instagram and I'll be happy to help! If you prefer sterling silver, there is an option to upgrade your hooks for £3 extra. Just add the listing to your basket.

Can I preorder?

I can't take preorders, sorry! I try to keep things as fair as possible for everyone so that everyone gets an equal chance. If I were to take on preorders, I'd get too overwhelmed and wouldn't enjoy the pressure.

If I order more than once, will you refund the extra shipping?

Yes! Just email me after ordering with your name/ order numbers and I'll combine your orders for you.

How fast is dispatch?

I aim to post all orders out within 7 working days. I'm usually much quicker than this, so 7 days is the very maximum! 


I missed out on what I wanted :( can you make me an extra pair?

I'm sorry you missed out! :( before asking this, please consider that although to you it may seem like "just one extra pair", I have most likely been working for weeks up until this drop. I make every single piece by hand with a lot of time and love and while I try my best to make as many as possible, quantities are limited. I really appreciate that you want to buy my art and I'm so grateful, but please respect that by now I probably really need a long bath and a break! Remember there will be more opportunities in future <3

When are you restocking/ when is the next drop?

I try to have drop every 1-2 months, so if you missed out this time, there will be more opportunities soon! I don't confirm drop dates until I know I'm ready and prepared. I generally spend a few weeks making a collection and I'll confirm a drop date when I'm in the final stages of making that collection. I always give around a week's notice for drops and I post reminders all over my Instagram: in my captions, my bio and countdown reminders in my stories. If you're unsure when the next drop is, always check my Instagram bio and captions first!